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How big is Grapevine, Texas?

Size is not all that matters. But still, we would love to know how big Grapevine in Texas is. Here is the answer:

Grapevine, Texas covers an area of 92.19 square kilometers (35.59 square miles).

With 48,583 people living in Grapevine that comes to a population density of 526.99 inhabitants per square kilometer (1365.07 / sq mi)

As a reference: The 8,398,748 people living in New York City are crammed onto 1214 sq km (468.73 sq mi), which results into a population density of 6918 inhabitants per square kilometer (17918 / sq mi).

The population density of Grapevine in Texas is 92.19 square kilometers (35.59 square miles)

Grapevine is a city and suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth located in northeast Tarrant County, Texas, United States, with minor portions extending into Dallas County and Denton County. The city is located in the Mid-Cities suburban region between Dallas and Fort Worth and includes a larger portion of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport than other cities.The city is adjacent to Grapevine Lake, a large reservoir impounded by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 that serves as a source of water and recreational area.

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