What is the population of Winthrop in Massachusetts?

If you ever wondered how many inhabitants Winthrop in Massachusetts has, here is the answer:

Winthrop, Massachusetts has a population of 17,497 residents.

With an area of 8.3 sq km (3.2 sq mi), that comes down to a population density of 2108.07 inhabitants per square kilometer (5467.81 / sq mi).

As a reference: New York City has a population of 8,398,748 inhabitants and a population density of 6918 inhabitants per square kilometer (17918 / sq mi).

The population of Winthrop in Massachusetts is 17497

Winthrop is a town in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 17,497 at the 2010 census and as of 2018 the population has grown to an estimated 18,688. Winthrop is an ocean-side suburban community in Greater Boston situated at the north entrance to Boston Harbor, close to Logan International Airport. It is located on a peninsula, 1.6 square miles (4.2 km2) in area, connected to Revere by a narrow isthmus and to East Boston by a bridge over the harbor inlet to the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation. Settled in 1630, Winthrop is one of the oldest communities in the United States. It is also one of the smallest and most densely populated municipalities in Massachusetts. It is one of the four municipalities in Suffolk County (the others are Boston, Revere, and Chelsea). It is the southernmost part of the North Shore, with a 7-mile (11 km) shoreline that provides views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and of the Boston skyline to the west.In 2005, the Town of Winthrop voted to change its governance from a representative town meeting adopted in 1920 to a council-manager form of government. Under Massachusetts law, as of 2006 when the new Town Charter took effect, Winthrop became a city. However, it is one of thirteen cities in Massachusetts that chose to remain known as a ‘town.’ It is therefore referred to as a ‘town’ in this article.

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