Litter Size

How many babies does a Brown bear have at once? (litter size)

How many baby Brown bears are in a litter?

A Brown bear (Ursus arctos) usually gives birth to around 2 babies.

Each of those little ones spend around 225 days as a fetus before they are released into the wild. Upon birth, they weight 500 grams (1.1 lbs) and measure 12.9 cm (0′ 6″). They are a member of the Ursidae family (genus: Ursus). An adult Brown bear grows up to a size of 1.49 meter (4′ 11″).

To have a reference: Humans obviously usually have a litter size of one ;). Their babies are in the womb of their mother for 280 days (40 weeks) and reach an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). They weight in at 62 kg (137 lbs), which is obviously highly individual, and reach an average age of 75 years.

The average litter size of a Brown bear is 2

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a bear species found across Eurasia and North America. In North America, the populations of brown bears are called grizzly bears. It is one of the largest living terrestrial members of the order Carnivora, rivaled in size only by its closest relative, the polar bear (Ursus maritimus), which is much less variable in size and slightly bigger on average. The brown bear’s range includes parts of Russia, Central Asia, China, Canada, the United States, Hokkaido, Scandinavia, the Balkans, the Picos de Europa and the Carpathian region, especially Romania, Bulgaria, Anatolia and the Caucasus. The brown bear is recognized as a national and state animal in several European countries.While the brown bear’s range has shrunk and it has faced local extinctions, it remains listed as a least concern species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with a total population of approximately 200,000. As of 2012, this and the American black bear are the only bear species not classified as threatened by the IUCN. Populations that were hunted to extinction in the 19th and 20th centuries are the Atlas bear of North Africa and the Californian, Ungavan and Mexican populations of the grizzly bear of North America. Many of the populations in the southern parts of Eurasia are highly endangered as well. One of the smaller-bodied forms, the Himalayan brown bear, is critically endangered, occupying only 2% of its former range and threatened by uncontrolled poaching for its body parts. The Marsican brown bear of central Italy is one of several currently isolated populations of the Eurasian brown bear, and believed to have a population of just 50 to 60 bears.

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