Litter Size

How many babies does a Gray marmot have at once? (litter size)

How many baby Gray marmots are in a litter?

A Gray marmot (Marmota baibacina) usually gives birth to around 5 babies.With 1 litters per year, that sums up to a yearly offspring of 5 babies.

Each of those little ones spend around 40 days as a fetus before they are released into the wild. Upon birth, they weight 110 grams (0.24 lbs) and measure 13.3 cm (0′ 6″). They are a member of the Sciuridae family (genus: Marmota). An adult Gray marmot grows up to a size of 10.1 cm (0′ 4″).

To have a reference: Humans obviously usually have a litter size of one ;). Their babies are in the womb of their mother for 280 days (40 weeks) and reach an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). They weight in at 62 kg (137 lbs), which is obviously highly individual, and reach an average age of 75 years.

The average litter size of a Gray marmot is 5

The gray marmot, grey marmot, or Altai marmot (Marmota baibacina) is a species of rodent in the squirrel family Sciuridae. It is one of the larger marmots in the genus Marmota. It occurs in mountainous grasslands and shrub lands of central Asia, and is one of the 9 Palearctic (Eurasia) species. It is found in Xinjiang Province in China, southeastern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and in the Altai and Tien Shan Mountains in southeastern Siberia in Russia. In the Mongolian Altai, its range overlaps with that of the Tarbagan marmot. Gray marmots form social groups, live in burrows, and hibernate.

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