Population Density

What is the population density of Saginaw, Michigan?

Have you ever wondered how many people are crammed into Saginaw in Michigan? Here is the answer:

Saginaw, Michigan has a population density of 2845.75 inhabitants per square kilometer (7368.81 / sq mi)

That means the whole population of 51,508 people are living within an area of 18.1 sq km (6.99 sq mi).

As a reference: New York City has a population density of 6918 inhabitants per square kilometer (17918 / sq mi), thanks to it’s population of 8,398,748 inhabitants within an area of 1214 sq km (468.73 sq mi).

The population density of Saginaw in Michigan is 2845.75 people per square kilometer (7368.81 / sq mi)

Saginaw () is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the seat of Saginaw County. The city of Saginaw and Saginaw County are both in the area known as Mid-Michigan. Saginaw is adjacent to Saginaw Charter Township and considered part of the Great Lakes Bay Region, along with neighboring Bay City, Midland and Mount Pleasant. The Saginaw County MSA had a population of 196,542 in 2013. The city is also the largest municipality in the Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City Metropolitan Area.Saginaw was a thriving lumber town in the 19th century and an important industrial city and manufacturing center throughout much of the 20th century. During the late 20th century, its industry and strong manufacturing presence declined, leading to increased unemployment, crime, and a population decline. Neighboring communities, such as Saginaw Charter Township, saw subsequent population increases while the city itself is projected to return to normal population growth after the decades-long structural changes to the economy.Economic development is focused on comparative advantages in innovation, clean energy, and continued manufacturing exports. The city continues to have a higher proportion of manufacturing jobs than the US average.

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