What is the population of Rochester in New York?

If you ever wondered how many inhabitants Rochester in New York has, here is the answer:

Rochester, New York has a population of 210,565 residents.

With an area of 96.23 sq km (37.15 sq mi), that comes down to a population density of 2188.14 inhabitants per square kilometer (5667.97 / sq mi).

As a reference: New York City has a population of 8,398,748 inhabitants and a population density of 6918 inhabitants per square kilometer (17918 / sq mi).

The population of Rochester in New York is 210565

Rochester () is a city in the U.S. state of New York, and the third most populous after New York City and Buffalo. It is the seat of Monroe County, with an estimated population of 205,695 in 2019. The Rochester metropolitan area has a population of just over one million people. Rochester has sufficiency status.Rochester was one of the United States’ first boom towns, initially due to the fertile Genesee River Valley, which gave rise to numerous flour mills, and then as a manufacturing hub. Several of the region’s universities (notably the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology) have renowned research programs. The area is the birthplace of Kodak, Paychex, Western Union, French’s, Bausch & Lomb, Gleason, RagĂș and Xerox, which conduct extensive research and manufacturing of industrial and consumer products. Until 2010, the Rochester metropolitan area was the second-largest regional economy in New York State, after the New York City metropolitan area. Rochester’s gross metropolitan product has since ranked just below Buffalo’s, while exceeding it in per capita income in 2015.In 2007, the 25th edition of the Places Rated Almanac rated Rochester the “most livable city” among 379 U.S. metropolitan areas. In 2010 Forbes rated Rochester the third-best place to raise a family in the United States. In 2012 Kiplinger rated Rochester the fifth-best city in the United States for families, citing low cost of living, top public schools, and a low unemployment rate.

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