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How much does a Dama gazelle weight?

It is hard to guess what a Dama gazelle weights. But we have the answer:

An adult Dama gazelle (Nanger dama) on average weights 71.42 kg (157.46 lbs).

The Dama gazelle is from the family Bovidae (genus: Nanger). They can live for up to 17.25 years. When reaching adult age, they grow up to 1.46 meter (4′ 10″). Usually, Dama gazelles have 1 babies per litter.

As a reference: An average human weights in at 62 kg (137 lbs) and reaches an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). Humans spend 280 days (40 weeks) in the womb of their mother and reach around 75 years of age.

The average adult weight of a Dama gazelle is 71.42 kg (157.46 lbs)

The dama gazelle, addra gazelle, or mhorr gazelle (Nanger dama, formerly Gazella dama) is a species of gazelle. It lives in Africa in the Sahara desert and the Sahel. This critically endangered species has disappeared from most of its former range due to overhunting and habitat loss, and natural populations only remain in Chad, Mali, and Niger. Its habitat includes grassland, shrubland, semi-deserts, open savanna and mountain plateaus. Its diet includes grasses, leaves (especially Acacia leaves), shoots, and fruit.In Niger, the dama gazelle has become a national symbol. Under the Hausa name meyna or ménas the dama gazelle appears on the badge of the Niger national football team, who are popularly called the Ménas.

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