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How much does a Siberian musk deer weight?

It is hard to guess what a Siberian musk deer weights. But we have the answer:

An adult Siberian musk deer (Moschus moschiferus) on average weights 13.31 kg (29.34 lbs).

The Siberian musk deer is from the family Moschidae (genus: Moschus). It is usually born with about 498 grams (1.1 lbs). When reaching adult age, they grow up to 90 cm (3′ 0″). On average, Siberian musk deers can have babies 1 times per year with a litter size of 1.

As a reference: An average human weights in at 62 kg (137 lbs) and reaches an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). Humans spend 280 days (40 weeks) in the womb of their mother and reach around 75 years of age.

The average adult weight of a Siberian musk deer is 13.31 kg (29.34 lbs)

The Siberian musk deer (Moschus moschiferus) is a musk deer found in the mountain forests of Northeast Asia. It is most common in the taiga of southern Siberia, but is also found in parts of Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria and the Korean peninsula.Their small shape allows them to hide from predators through tiny openings in the rocky terrain and also allow them to run exceptionally fast from their predators. Although bearing fangs, Siberian musk deer are actually herbivores with their main source of nutrients being lichens.Due to the severe amount of poaching for its musk gland, the deer population is continuing to decrease. It is expected that the population will be reduced to at least 30% over the next three generations. However, efforts from each sighted countries are beginning to reintroduce the musk deer’s population.

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