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Mexican gray squirrel size: How big do they get?

How big does a Mexican gray squirrel get? Here is an overview over the average adult age:

A grown Mexican gray squirrel (Sciurus aureogaster) reaches an average size of 25.2 cm (0′ 10″).

When born, they have an average size of 0 cm (0′ 0″). A full-grown exemplary reaches roughly 456 grams (1.01 lbs). A Mexican gray squirrel has 1 babies at once. The Mexican gray squirrel (genus: Sciurus) is a member of the family Sciuridae.

As a reference: Humans reach an average body size of 1.65m (5′ 5″) while carrying 62 kg (137 lbs). A human woman is pregnant for 280 days (40 weeks) and on average become 75 years old.

The average adult size of a Mexican gray squirrel is  (0' 10

The Mexican gray squirrel (or red-bellied squirrel) (Sciurus aureogaster) is a tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus native to Guatemala and eastern and southern Mexico. It has been introduced to the Florida Keys.The alternate name of this squirrel (red-bellied squirrel) should not be confused with the Indonesian red-bellied squirrel (Rubrisciurus rubriventer) or the Asian red-bellied tree squirrel (Callosciurus erythraeus).Sciurus aureogaster most often chooses West Indian mahogany trees to build nests. However, since the introduction of the species to Florida in the late 1930s, its nesting locations have become more irregular, nesting in varying species of trees and even choosing to nest in hurricane debris. The two subspecies each have many synonyms associated with them:The subspecies S. a. aureogaster was also known as S. a. chrysogaster, S. a. ferruginiventris, S. a. hypopyrrhus, S. a. hypoxanthus, S. a. leucogaster, S. a. maurus, S. a. morio, S. a. mustelinus, S. a. raviventer and S. a. rufiventris.The subspecies S. a. nigrescens was also known as S. a. affinis, S. a. albipes, S. a. cervicalis, S. a. chiapensis, S. a. cocos, S. a. colimensis, S. a. effugius, S. a. frumentor, S. a. griseoflavus, S. a. hernandezi, S. a. hirtus, S. a. leucops, S. a. littoralis, S. a. nelsoni, S. a. nemoralis, S. a. perigrinator, S. a. poliopus, S. a. quercinus, S. a. rufipes, S. a. senex, S. a. socialis, S. a. tepicanus, S. a. varius and S. a. wagneri.

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