Litter Size

How many babies does a Hoolock gibbon have at once? (litter size)

How many baby Hoolock gibbons are in a litter?

A Hoolock gibbon (Hylobates hoolock) usually gives birth to around 1 babies.

Each of those little ones spend around 232 days as a fetus before they are released into the wild. Upon birth, they weight 1.02 kg (2.24 lbs) and measure 8.5 cm (0′ 4″). They are a member of the Hylobatidae family (genus: Hylobates). An adult Hoolock gibbon grows up to a size of 54.7 cm (1′ 10″).

To have a reference: Humans obviously usually have a litter size of one ;). Their babies are in the womb of their mother for 280 days (40 weeks) and reach an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). They weight in at 62 kg (137 lbs), which is obviously highly individual, and reach an average age of 75 years.

The average litter size of a Hoolock gibbon is 1

The hoolock gibbons are three primate species of genus Hoolock in the gibbon family, Hylobatidae, native to eastern Bangladesh, Northeast India, Myanmar and Southwest China.Hoolocks are the second-largest of the gibbons, after the siamang. They reach a size of 60 to 90 cm and weigh 6 to 9 kg. The sexes are about the same size, but they differ considerably in coloration: males are black-colored with remarkable white brows, while females have a grey-brown fur, which is darker at the chest and neck. White rings around their eyes and mouths give their faces a mask-like appearance. The Oxford English Dictionary says that the name “Hoolock” is from the Assamese হলৌ (holou) or related languages.In northeast India, the hoolock is found south of Brahmaputra as well on the North Bank areas and east of the Dibang Rivers. Its range extends into seven states covering Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura (The seven northeastern states of India).Like the other gibbons, they are diurnal and arboreal, brachiating through the trees with their long arms. They live together in monogamous pairs, which stake out a territory. Their calls serve to locate family members and ward off other gibbons from their territory. Their diet consists mainly of fruits, insects and leaves.Young hoolocks are born after a seven-month gestation, with milky white or buff-colored hair. After about six months, the hair of males will darken and turn black, while the female hair remains buff-colored throughout her life. After eight to 9 years, they are fully mature and their fur reaches its final coloration. Their life expectancy in the wild is about 25 years.

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