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Townsend’s mole size: How big do they get?

How big does a Townsend’s mole get? Here is an overview over the average adult age:

A grown Townsend’s mole (Scapanus townsendii) reaches an average size of 8.7 cm (0′ 4″).

When born, they have an average size of 0 cm (0′ 0″). During their lifetime of about 1.5 years, they grow from 3 grams (0.01 lbs) to 70 grams (0.15 lbs). Talking about reproduction, Townsend’s moles have 1 babies about 1 times per year. The Townsend’s mole (genus: Scapanus) is a member of the family Talpidae.

As a reference: Humans reach an average body size of 1.65m (5′ 5″) while carrying 62 kg (137 lbs). A human woman is pregnant for 280 days (40 weeks) and on average become 75 years old.

The average adult size of a Townsend's mole is  (0' 4

The Townsend’s mole (Scapanus townsendii) is a fossorial mammal in the family Talpidae, and is the largest North American mole.It is found in open lowland and wooded areas with moist soils along the Pacific coast from southwestern British Columbia to northwestern California. This animal’s total range in Canada is estimated to be 20 km² (7.7 sq mi). Townsend’s mole is classified as Least Concern by the IUCN; however, in Canada it is considered an endangered species.This animal has velvety black fur, a pointed snout and a short, thick, a tail with barely any hair. It is about 21 cm (8.3 in) in length including a 4 cm (1.6 in) tail, and weighs about 138 grams (4.9 oz). Its front paws are broad and spade-shaped, specialized for digging; the rear paws are smaller. It has 44 teeth. Its ears are not visible and it has small eyes. It is similar in appearance to the smaller coast mole.This mole spends most of its time underground, foraging in shallow burrows for earthworms, small invertebrates and plant material. It is active year-round.This animal is mainly solitary except during mating in late winter. The female has a litter of two to four young in a deep burrow.This animal was named after the American naturalist John Kirk Townsend. The name was selected at the request of Thomas Nuttall as a patronym to honor Townsend’s contribution.

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