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How much does a Bharal weight?

It is hard to guess what a Bharal weights. But we have the answer:

An adult Bharal (Pseudois nayaur) on average weights 52.16 kg (114.98 lbs).

The Bharal is from the family Bovidae (genus: Pseudois). They can live for up to 24 years. When reaching adult age, they grow up to 1.3 meter (4′ 4″). Usually, Bharals have 1 babies per litter.

As a reference: An average human weights in at 62 kg (137 lbs) and reaches an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″). Humans spend 280 days (40 weeks) in the womb of their mother and reach around 75 years of age.

The average adult weight of a Bharal is 52.16 kg (114.98 lbs)

The bharal (Pseudois nayaur), also called the Helan Shan blue sheep, Chinese blue sheep, Himalayan blue sheep or naur, is a caprid found in Bhutan, Gansu, the high Himalayas of India, Inner Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Ningxia, Pakistan, Sichuan and Tibet. The Helan Mountains of Ningxia has the highest concentration of bharal in the world, with 15 bharals per square kilometer and 30,000 in total. Its native names include yanyang (岩羊) in Mandarin, bharal, barhal, bharar and bharut in Hindi, na or sna in Tibetan and Ladakh, nabo in Spitian, naur in Nepali and na or gnao in Bhutan.The bharal was also the focus of George Schaller’s and Peter Matthiessen’s expedition to Nepal in 1973. Their personal experiences are well documented by Matthiessen in his book, The Snow Leopard. The bharal is a major food of the snow leopard.

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